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Fellow Osages:

I’ve been an Annuitant for 25yrs. My father was Charles Crum, his mother Anna V. Boulanger Crum and her father Joseph Boulanger, were original allotees.  
Grandpa Joe is pictured at the Tribal Museum with the 1895 Tribal Council.

I was born on Anna’s allotment south of Elgin, Ks, and raised in the Elgin/Sedan Ks. area.

I spent 31 yrs. in the Fire Service, retiring as a Fire Captain/EMT. The fire service was a wonderfully satisfying career.
But, serving your fellow citizens can become something of an addiction, and I’m ready to give that need an outlet by serving
my fellow Osage annuitants as their representative on the Mineral Council.
•    As a Council member. I will enhance mineral income, specifically by ensuring we are paid properly for production. We need to bring monitoring of oil transport access, and the measuring and metering of mineral production into the 21st century. A problem with the natural gas metering system has been identified that suggests we are being underpaid by 10% or more on gas production alone.
•    Politically, my goal will be to return Mineral Trust control to the Annuitants. I firmly believe the Mineral Council, as the body elected by Osage Shareholders to conduct Trust business, should do so without interference from the Chief or Congress.    

When the Osage people started the process of forming a more inclusive government, an extraordinary thing occurred. A group that enjoyed complete
control of their government sought to delegate much of that power to others. These Osage Annuitants willingly started a process that would render
themselves minority voters. They only asked for one thing in return, that the Mineral Trust be left in their control, to be governed by representatives
elected solely by them as it always had. Sadly, the Osage Constitution didn’t deliver on this simple agreement.

•    We now have a Chief, not elected by Annuitants, who controls Mineral Council funds, even though they come entirely from Mineral Trust income.  
•    The Trust Team, that directs our Trust lawsuit attorneys, includes the Chief and the Congressional Speaker. These two officials are elected by an entirely different constituency, and are morally obligated to serve the best interests of that separate group.
•     Also, these same Trust lawyers say they are now working for the Osage Nation, not the Annuitants, yet their costs are paid entirely with Minerals’ funds.
•    Any settlement monies in these suits will be paid first to the Osage Nation, then if promises are adhered to, distributed to the Shareholders.